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About us

Who we are

We are an independent digital media agency.
Our team is a combination of smart, creative, strategically minded and kind people.
Our business it is a win-win strategy that means customer wins, we win. We believe that every client have a have to receive a maximum return on their marketing investments and high quality service.

Our values

In our work we adhere to the basic principles that help us make the impossible possible.


  • Creativity
  •  Using modern technologies
  • Constructive thinking
  • Transparency in the work process
  • Honesty
  • Customer focus



Our business it is the way of creation, implementation and promotion of Web-projects of any complexity. In our work we combine creative and constructive thinking, research and experience. We tend to collaborate with each customer on an individual way, offering a unique approach for developing of its business.

Web projects

  • Promo-sites
  • ECommerce
  • Corporate sites
  • News media


  • Media planning
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Contextual advertising
  • Social marketing (SMM)


  • Digital-strategy
  • Media Research and analytics
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of the efficiency (KPI)


  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Videoproduction
  • Creation and promotion of channel on Youtube

Our approach


We listen before proposing.

Take care

We care about our clients.


Plunge headlong into the client’s business.



Use experience

Use not only our, but also world experience.

Appreciate the time

Appreciate our time and client time.


Constantly improve our professional skills.

We are able to

Create a concept to your brand. Brand identity: logo, styles, fonts.
Create an effective email newsletter to your customers.  Analysis of conversion of email marketing.

Los Amigos Hostel, Guatemala

For in truth the friendly and comfortable hostel «Los Amigos» (Los Amigos Youth Hostel), located on the island of Flores, Guatemala, performing the following work:
Creation of the site;
Search engine optimization (SEO);
Technical support.


The Group of companies «SOVA»

Created a website and also implemented a strategy of promotion Youtube Channel.


Компания «Урал-Нова»

Для компании сделана работа в следующих направлениях:

  • Создание сайта;
  • Поддержка сайта;
  • Поисковое продвижение сайта (SEO).


Brand new AMOS GROUP

Нами полностью был создан фирменный стиль крупнейшему строительному холдингу столицы Урала ЗАО «АМОС-Групп».

Блог о красочных путешествиях COLORSTRAVEL.RU

Мы всегда готовы создавать творческие независимые проекты, каким проектом стал «Блог о красочных путешествиях Угловой Анны».


Компания «ДПМ»

Для компании сделаны следующие работы:

Создание сайта

Создание фирменного стиля

Поисковое продвижение (SEO)




Our works

This section represents some of our recent works, divided by theme are:


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